Flow & Yin

A combo class, first is an active, mindful flow (vinyasa) practice, and then passive, supported Yin stretching.
All levels are welcome.
Flow means to move with intention, so we will move through standing poses and other yoga postures in a continual pace.
Yin yoga is deep stretching which targets fascia and areas of the body and don’t open through simple movements.  This is a passive practice, but will offer you very poignant physical, emotional and spiritual release.


  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
wednesday 5:00 pm 6:15 pm Paul Gibb
friday 9:00 am 10:30 am Paul Gibb

Paul Gibb began his yoga journey in 1990 while living in Boston, and practiced at Sadhana Yoga for many years. Since moving to Palm Springs, he has completed two, two hundred hour teacher certification programs, one in Power Yoga, taught in part by Jenn Smith, and the other in Viniyoga, taught by Lynn Piper Kelley. The somewhat opposite styles have lead