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About YogaBliss

Yoga Bliss is a welcoming place that offers a wide spectrum of expertly taught yoga classes, plus aerial yoga and belly dance.

All of our classes are approached and taught with the belief that yoga is about finding the pose that’s perfect for you, given the body that you have for today. This practice values each individuals own body and their own body awareness. We are here to help guide you on a journey of self-inquiry, to explore and uncover what works best for you, given that we are all unique and so there are many ‘right’ ways to find a connection to the internal fountain of limitless love inside each of us. We approach our teachings with the philosophy that you are perfect, just as you are in this moment and that you have everything you need inside of you.

We welcome people of all ages and levels of ability. We specialize in working with our students as individuals, whether privately or in a group setting, to guide them to their fullest potential…as yogis and as human beings. Yoga brings transformation of mind, body and heart to anyone who wants it!


  • Participating in Yoga Jenn's classes:Gentle yoga and Restorative yoga has been a life changing event. Her knowledge and awareness of our limitations has made her studio a safe and fun space to practice. I am stronger and more positive to enjoy my life's journey. Thank you.

    Gisele S.

  • She takes you on a journey during each class, whether it’s working on opening a particular area of your body, illustrating a life lesson by incorporating that physically, or my favorite, working towards a difficult, seemingly out of reach pose by breaking it down into more easily digestible segments. Building a pose with Jenn is a lot of fun, there’s no pressure and you have the option of “getting off at any stop on the train”. Jenn’s easy going and positive nature will put you at ease and get you inspired. Go take her class! You’ll work hard and feel refreshed!

    Kristen B.

  • Jenn Lucene Smith is, without any doubt, the best yoga teacher I have ever encountered anywhere in the world. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Christine D.

  • I've had several excellent teachers guiding me on my yoga journey these past 15 years.  And I've been through both physical and mental challenges, as my practice continues to evolve.  Jenn's guidance stands alone at the top.  She's convincing in her frequent claim that for the next hour you have everything you need, right here on your mat, and that you're perfect just as you are.  While at the same time her thoughtful planning and the creativity in her teachings will both comfort and inspire her students to rise to previously unimaginable postures and poses, even if we've only moved an inch "in this lifetime".  Within moments you'll realize her care and interest in her students is genuine, as ours is for her - she's our teacher, our guide.

    Steve P.

  • Jenn is a great teacher. She understands how far each body can go at any given time. I love working with her.


  • Sharon O.
  • Kristen B.
  • Christine D.
  • Steve P.
  • Suzanne