9/11 A Day we “Never Forget”

I guess the 9/11 catch phrase has become, “never forget”.

Don’t worry, I won’t.

It’s sad but true that I mark the events and changes of my life by when they occur in relation to 9/11/01. It was a time of change for me personally, and then such a monumental time of change for my generation, and a devastating tragedy for us all.

I lost friends that day. Not from the direct events, but from the energetic/emotional fallout.

People changed.

What we all realized that day was how powerful hate and blame is and it felt like we were all contemplating ways to take alternate paths. Maybe many have forgotten since then. Perhaps this is what “never forget” means.

Never forget what being angry at someone or some thing does to you, how it drives you to destroy others…even at the cost of destroying yourself.

Maybe “never forget” is telling us that the little things, like cutting someone off in traffic, being rude to the barista, obsessing about how much you may dislike our current president, maybe that phrase is a reminder of how far those things can and will take us to very dark places.

We are all capable of limitless love and compassion.

We are also capable of destruction, immense hatred and dangerous actions.

Let’s “never forget” that. I won’t.

I send so much love, gratitude and kindness to all of my friends, my family and to everyone I know today.

I also send love to those I don’t know…to the person who cut m off in traffic, the lady who was so rude to me in yoga, and to the one and the many that I would prefer to despise.